Course Overview

ISLAMIC BANKING & FINANCE is a significant sphere in the modern world. It has become an essential qualification as Islamic Banking & Finance is a continuously growing market. There is also a shortage of professionals qualified in this field. In order to fulfil this demand gap, major universities including those in the UK and the US (Harvard Business School – USA) have started Islamic Finance degrees and other specialist programmes in this academic field.

Our course POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BANKING & FINANCE awarded by EDUQUAL UK offers the world recognised qualification with the overview and required level knowledge with practical case studies to equipped with. Those who have completed our Post Graduate Diploma courses will be eligible to enroll for UK Universities top up programmes

COURSE TITLE : “Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance”

  1. Introduction to Islamic Banking Finance framework
  2. Essentials of Islamic Banking & Insurance market
  3. Islamic Capital Market & Wealth Management
  4. Strategic Accounting & Risk Management for Islamic Banks
  5. Regulatory Supervision & Corporate Governance for Islamic Financial Institutions
  6. Overview of Banking & Economic environment

DURATION: 6 months



Students who have successfully completed the Postgraduate Diploma programmes will be able to gain entry to
Masters “top-up” stage, which forms the Part 2 of this qualification. The top-up stage is delivered in partnership with UK Universities . Eduqual qualification has been approved by Northampton University and Anglia Ruskin University from UK.